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Fall Breeze and Autumn…Baked Treats?

Louisiana doesn’t get a true fall like many other states to the north, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the spooky season in our own way.   The first of September may not bring cooler weather all the time, but it most certainly makes its presence known in every grocery, department store, and home goods store.  Bakeries in Lafayette, LA ring in the season with spooky or fall themed treats as well, both in decoration and flavor. 


Chocolate and Fruit: A Match Made in Heaven

The combination of chocolate and fruit has been a dessert staple for decades.  Different fruits pair better with different chocolates, as each is subject to their own flavor notes. Many bakeries in Lafayette, LA take advantage of these fruit and chocolate pairings to elevate their desserts. The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA uses fruit in many of their treats.


Ring in the Spring with a Cream Tart in Lafayette...

If you are planning a spring get together for family and friends but need a delicious dessert that is elegant, rustic, and has something for everyone, look no further than a fresh cream tart from The Rolling Pin.  

bakery lafayette la

Bavarian Cream: The Luscious Filling that Bakeries in Lafayette Love...

It is believed that Bavarian cream originated in France or Germany and has been around since the Middle Ages.  It is an egg custard thickened by the use of gelatin and lightened with whipped cream. Furthermore, it can be a standalone dessert or used as fillings for cakes, pies, and pastries in Lafayette, LA.


The Elegance of the Mousse Cake

Don’t think that a mousse cake is all style and no substance.  Any bakery in Lafayette, LA worth its salt knows how to make the interior of a mousse cake be as decadent as the exterior.  At The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, their mousse cakes are filled with flavored buttercreams and topped with super shiny, glowing mirror glazes.

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A History of Baking: How Baked Goods Have Changed

Every family seems to have its own recipes and methods for cookies, pies, homemade breads, and other baked goods.  If a family is not inclined to bake their own goods, they most likely have their favorite bakery in Lafayette, LA that no other will hold a candle to.  Baked goods are comfort foods in their own right, providing a sense of nostalgia, highlighting cultural differences, and of course tasting delicious. 


Why Bite-Sized French Pastries are the Perfect Party Companion

The problem with full-sized cakes and pies is that no party guest wants to be the first one to take a slice.  It’s a nerve-wracking waiting game to see who will make the first cut and take the first piece.  Then there’s the mess of knives and forks, how big a slice is too big, imperfect cuts, etc.  That is why bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA make the perfect accompaniment to any party 

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The Art of a Fresh Fruit Tart in Lafayette

The best fruit tarts start with the perfect base of a crispy shell and creamy filling, culminating in a topping of vibrant fresh fruits.  Traditionally, fresh fruit tarts in Lafayette, LA are topped with blueberries, raspberries, and sliced strawberries, kiwis, and oranges but can be topped with any manner of fruit you prefer.  The fruit takes on its beautiful, shiny appearance with a glaze made of strained fruit jelly, typically apricot, mixed with water or a fruit liqueur.   


The Flavor of Summer: History of the Key Lime Pie...

Key lime pie is a nationally known dessert, and synonymous with Florida and the Keys similar to how Bananas Foster and Baked Alaska are with New Orleans.  The pie uses a very specific lime, and residents of the Keys will tell you a pie made with any other lime is NOT a key lime pie.


How to Make an Iconic Mousse: The Perfect Addition to...

Mousse is a classic, versatile dessert that can be utilized in a multitude of ways.  They can be a decadent filling for bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA and can be flavored in many different ways.  

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French Pastry Tradition: The Holidays

French pastries in Lafayette, LA are steeped in history, the epitome of elegance, , and (of course) full of flavor.  The French have enjoyed centuries of being at the forefront of high-end patisserie and revolutionized what the world thinks of as dessert, but there are few things that taste more delicious and bring the holidays home like traditional desserts made by a loved one or the talented pastry chef at a local small business.


The Shell of it All: The Perfect Vehicle for French...

Pastry shells are one of the more basic aspects of pastries in Lafayette, LA. Pastry shells house a number of delicious confections from Bavarian cream with fresh berries and chopped fruits to creamy, flavorful mousses.


The Complexity of the French Macaron

Many pastry chefs consider a truly well-made French macaron in Lafayette, LA to be the sign of a great baker and a little luck.  These little bites of almond and meringue heaven are notoriously finicky and susceptible to changes in humidity.

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Bite-sized French Pastries: Special Events in Lafayette

Bite-sized French pastries are elegant and perfect desserts for fine events.  Easy to eat and pretty to look at, they are sure to elevate any event you plan.

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The Magic of French Patisserie

French pastries are the ultimate sweet confection.  They are time-consuming, and made with passion and care.  They are a global phenomenon.


Cheesecake: A History

The history of cheesecake goes back more than 500 years.  From Forme of Cury in 1390 detailing the first cheesecake recipe to the modern day cheesecakes, every country has their own take, with regions across a country having different takes as well.

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History of the French Macaron

The French macaron throughout history, starting with the simple Italian recipe brought over to France in 1533 AD.  Fast forward to the modern French macaron we know today when Laduree sandwiched two almond cookies around ganache, buttercream, and jam.

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Cream Tarts: Simplicity at its Best

The cream tart is a new dessert on the scene.  Known for its simple aesthetic but delicious flavors, it is comprised of layers of cream and cookies and topped with fresh fruit and French macarons.

french macarons lafayette la

French Pastry Facts

Some simple facts outlining French Pastry history and common items. The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA provides french pastry catering, as well as custom orderings to suit your needs.