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The Complexity of the French Macaron

Many pastry chefs consider a truly well-made French macaron in Lafayette, LA to be the sign of a great baker and a little luck.  These little bites of almond and meringue heaven are notoriously finicky and susceptible to changes in humidity.

bite-sized french pastries

Bite-sized French Pastries: Special Events in Lafayette

Bite-sized French pastries are elegant and perfect desserts for fine events.  Easy to eat and pretty to look at, they are sure to elevate any event you plan.

french pastries

The Magic of French Patisserie

French pastries are the ultimate sweet confection.  They are time-consuming, and made with passion and care.  They are a global phenomenon.


Cheesecake: A History

The history of cheesecake goes back more than 500 years.  From Forme of Cury in 1390 detailing the first cheesecake recipe to the modern day cheesecakes, every country has their own take, with regions across a country having different takes as well.

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History of the French Macaron

The French macaron throughout history, starting with the simple Italian recipe brought over to France in 1533 AD.  Fast forward to the modern French macaron we know today when Laduree sandwiched two almond cookies around ganache, buttercream, and jam.

cream tart lafayette la

Cream Tarts: Simplicity at its Best

The cream tart is a new dessert on the scene.  Known for its simple aesthetic but delicious flavors, it is comprised of layers of cream and cookies and topped with fresh fruit and French macarons.

french macarons lafayette la

French Pastry Facts

Some simple facts outlining French Pastry history and common items. The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA provides french pastry catering, as well as custom orderings to suit your needs.