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Bite-sized French Pastries: Special Events in Lafayette

Nothing screams exceptional and festive quite so much as bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA.Colorful, delicate, and extraordinarily tasty; they are perfect for any special event in your life.  Baby showers, wedding showers, the wedding reception, and anniversary parties will be made into events to remember with the offering of perfect confections that are easy to walk around and mingle with. Red velvet mousse domes on tart crust, bite-sized fruit tarts, petite lemon meringue pies, delicate macarons; the colors and flavors available are diverse and sure to please every guest who enters the venue. 

People’s palates are as unique as they are, so providing only one or two desserts is sure to leave some guests unsatisfied and wishing they had something to devour. With bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA you can have many options to choose from.  Mini coconut cream pies, chocolate nut clusters, chocolate covered strawberries, and many more.  They are perfect for allowing guests to walk around mingle.  Grab a simple napkin and a pastry and have a perfectly tasty bite.

French pastries are the epitome of elegance and class.  If you want more than just bite-sized desserts you can order full sized pastries from The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA such as a cream tart, honey walnut tart, coconut cream tart, key lime coconut tart, lemon meringue tart, and many more.