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Bavarian Cream: The Luscious Filling that Bakeries in Lafayette Love

It is believed that Bavarian cream originated in France or Germany and has been around since the Middle Ages.  It is an egg custard thickened by the use of gelatin and lightened with whipped cream. Furthermore, it can be a standalone dessert or used as fillings for cakes, pies, and pastries in Lafayette, LA.  The beginnings of Bavarian cream isn’t certain, but it is believed to have come across its name when many French chefs worked for a German royal family that ruled Bavaria from the twelfth century to the early 1900s.  These French chefs probably introduced Bavarian cream to the family during the late 17th, early 18th century, and the name stuck. 

Bavarian cream (also known as Crème Bavarois) can be flavored with chocolate, vanilla, fruits, and various spices.  Many bakeries in Lafayette, LA use it to fill king cakes for Mardi Gras, donuts, and other pastries.  The Rolling Pin uses it as a base cream for many of their classic French pastries in Lafayette, such as their layered cream tarts, their classic fruit tarts, and more. Bavarian cream is a popular staple in the French pastry scene and across the baking world because of its versatility and simple ingredients.  You can make it as complicated or uncomplicated as you like, dress it up with spices and flavors, or keep it simple and add fresh fruit to complement the sweet creaminess.