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Ring in the Spring with a Cream Tart in Lafayette

If you are planning a spring get together for family and friends but need a delicious dessert that is elegant, rustic, and has something for everyone, look no further than a fresh cream tart from The Rolling Pin.  One of the greatest things about cream tarts in Lafayette, LA is their versatility.  They can be shaped like numbers or letters, animals, and many other shapes.  Cream tarts are typically 3 layers, starting with three layers of a sweet almond pastry dough base, shaped and baked, then layered and filled with perfectly piped Bavarian cream and decorated with fresh fruit, flowers, macarons and more.  If you have a color scheme, and you want your dessert to match the rest of the party, telling your bakery in Lafayette, LA your desires will get them to customize your cream tart to perfection. 

Cream tarts are versatile enough to be catered to specific taste buds as well.  Have someone in your life who dislikes honeydew melon? Simply request no honeydew melon for your pastry.  Have a chocolate lover?  Bavarian cream can be flavored in many ways, and while traditional Bavarian cream is vanilla, making it chocolate is simple and flavorful.  Cream tarts in Lafayette, LA are a great way to ring in the spring season with family and friends, whether you have a simple get together among close friends and loved ones, or a larger, elegant event.  They’re a truly unique treat that is sure to delight everyone at your gathering.