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Fresh Fruit Tarts in Lafayette, LA: A Sweet Delight

If you're a fan of fresh fruit and delectable pastries, you'll want to check out The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA for their amazing fruit tarts. These tarts are perfect for a summer treat, a special occasion, or just a sweet indulgence any time of year. Fresh fruit tarts can combine any fruit you want with a crunchy sweet crust, a sweet cream filling, and topped with a variety of perfectly ripe fruits sliced to perfection.

Types of Fruit Tarts

There are many types of fruit tarts available in Lafayette, LA bakeries, however the traditional fresh fruit tart is a tried-and-true favorite customers love.  The Rolling Pin has a traditional fruit tart, as well as a strawberry ganache tart (sweet almond pastry dough with a dark chocolate ganache filling and topped with sliced strawberries) as well as a patriotic fruit tart perfect for the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday.  The patriotic fruit tart consists of The Rolling Pin’s sweet almond pastry dough crust, vanilla pastry cream filling, and topped with blueberries, strawberries, and Bavarian cream in a flag design.

One of the most popular types of fruit tarts is the traditional fruit tart. These tarts typically feature a buttery almond pastry dough crust, which is filled with a custard or pastry cream and topped with fresh fruit. The combination of the sweet pastry cream and the tartness of the fruit is a match made in heaven and speaks to the longevity of the fruit tart in the pastry industry.

The secret to such a simple dessert pastry is high quality ingredients and the truth that less is sometimes more.  Traditionally, fruit tarts use a pate sucrée crust which is a simple dough that is slightly sweet made with all purpose flour.  The Rolling Pin goes the untraditional route and uses an almond pastry crust that is responsible for its signature nutty flavor and sturdy but light crust. To make the fruit shine, bakeries in Lafayette, LA use a glaze (traditionally warmed up fruit jam mixed with a little water) brushed on top of the tart.  This adds some sweetness as well as a protective layer for the fruit.