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The History of Easter’s Chocolate Bunny in Lafayette

Children all over the United States look forward to Easter every year.  They fall asleep Saturday night and wake up Easter Sunday morning to a basket full of treats, including the holiday’s signature delight: the chocolate bunny.  This titular Easter treat in Lafayette, LA has been enjoyed for generations, all the way back to the mid-1800s in Germany.  However, they didn’t gain mass appeal in the United States until 1890 when shop a owner, Robert Strohecker, used a 5-foot-tall chocolate bunny to promote his store during the Easter season.  The chocolate bunny has become so synonymous with the Easter holidays that over 90 million are created around the world every year. 

Why are they hollow you ask? Not all chocolate bunnies are hollow, but once they get past a certain size, it doesn’t make sense for them to be solid.  They become too heavy and too cumbersome to consume.  Hollow bunnies gained popularity during World War 2 with the rationing of cocoa, as bunnies were still able to be large enough to make a statement but did not use as much cocoa as they would have if they were solid. Many bakeries in Lafayette, LA offer spring and Easter treats, but not many offer hand-made chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs like The Rolling Pin.

For most families, Easter includes a smorgasbord of sweets and treats ranging from cookies and candy to cakes and pies. The Rolling Pin has many other spring items on the menu too, including a box that allows kids to decorate their own Easter sugar cookies for a new tradition that takes the efforts of baking off your hands and simply allows you to have fun and participate.  Call 337-303-3358 to place your order today.