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The Elegance of the Mousse Cake

You see them on Instagram and baking competitions; these shiny cakes in a myriad colors and flavors, so flawless you can see your reflection on the surface.  These mousse cakes are covered in something called a mirror glaze: a mixture of gelatin, water, sugar, white chocolate (if not a regular chocolate mirror glaze), and condensed milk. Some recipes differ slightly, but the gelatin is most certainly a must so that the glaze can set. 

Don’t think that a mousse cake is all style and no substance.  Any bakery in Lafayette, LA worth its salt knows how to make the interior of a mousse cake be as decadent as the exterior.  At The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, their mousse cakes are filled with flavored buttercreams and topped with super shiny, glowing mirror glazes. Their chocolate mousse cakes have a choice of a raspberry buttercream ring interior or a cheesecake center to offset the rich chocolate mousse.  Their individual vanilla bean mousse cakes have an orange buttercream center for a super light, enjoyable flavor. 

Some mousse cakes contain many layers, and these are called entremets.  Entremets consist of a mousse or two, a layer of sponge cake, a crunch layer, and some form of fruit jam or jelly, or a custard cream.  What you get is a delightful mix of textures and flavors that create a party in your mouth.  Mousse cakes and entremets require a delicate hand and not every bakery in Lafayette, LA is up to the task of creating such elegant, decadent desserts, but The Rolling Pin is more than up to it.