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Chocolate and Fruit: A Match Made in Heaven

The combination of chocolate and fruit has been a dessert staple for decades.  Different fruits pair better with different chocolates, as each is subject to their own flavor notes.  For instance, the bitter, mild sweetness of dark chocolate complements the sweet creaminess of a ripe banana wonderfully, but bananas also do well with milk chocolate and white chocolate.  Sweet and tart berries like blueberries and blackberries do wonderfully with white chocolate to cut through the rich sweetness of the white chocolate. Many bakeries in Lafayette, LA take advantage of these fruit and chocolate pairings to elevate their desserts. The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA uses fruit in many of their treats. Whether it be the variety of fresh fruit on top of a fresh fruit tart, or more selective fruits to pair with their chocolate cream tarts, or their decadent chocolate covered strawberries. 

Before chocolate became a much-loved sweet, cacao seeds were used by ancient Aztecs to make a bitter drink and were also a valued currency among Mesoamericans.  It wasn’t until cacao was brought across the Atlantic and over into Europe that someone thought to add sugar, and our modern-day obsession with chocolate began.  Without chocolate, desserts over the past century and a half would look vastly different. Bakeries in Lafayette, LA wouldn’t have chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry ganache tarts, and more.