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The Magic of French Patisserie

The world of French pastry is a magic one.  Full of spun sugar, whipped creams, and baked confections every color of the rainbow: French pastries are a luxurious and decadent cuisine.  With names for pastries such as macarons, eclair, tarte aux fruits (fruit tarts), it is no wonder that French pastries in Lafayette, LA are a global phenomenon that are both classic and modern in their elegance. 

Going back as far as the 1600s, French pastries came onto the scene with the invention of the puffed pastry (a laminated pastry made by folding cold butter into pastry dough) and whipped cream.  In 1686, French café culture came into being with the opening of Le Procope, the first Parisian café that served coffee, ice cream, and chocolate. French pastries are known for being perfectly balanced in flavor and texture.  Soft creams, crisp pastry, succulent fruits, and indulgent chocolates lend their flavor profiles in way only those trained in French pastries can bring out. 

Thankfully, with the Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA we don’t have to travel far to taste these French confections.  With desserts on the menu such as fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cakes, chocolate mousse domes, cheesecakes, coconut cream tarts, and of course the French macarons, French pastries can literally be brought to our door.