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Fall Breeze and Autumn…Baked Treats?

Louisiana doesn’t get a true fall like many other states to the north, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the spooky season in our own way.   The first of September may not bring cooler weather all the time, but it most certainly makes its presence known in every grocery, department store, and home goods store.  Bakeries in Lafayette, LA ring in the season with spooky or fall themed treats as well, both in decoration and flavor. 

While many people think of pumpkin and warm spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, there are many unique flavors for the fall that have us feeling nostalgic for cooler days, crisp air, and fun fall activities.  Popcorn balls come to mind, along with candy corn for a unique sweet/salty dessert, as well as the candied or caramel apples you see at fall fairs and farmers markets.  Bakeries in Lafayette, LA tend to have a variety of fall inspired treats to celebrate both Halloween and Thanksgiving season, from cookies to mini pastries, pies to do it yourself cookie kits, and more. 

For more grown-up celebrations of spooky season or fall, a custom themed cream tart from The Rolling Pin is a fun way to not only decorate your event but also provide a unique, delicious dessert for your guests. Chocolate mousse cakes with fall- or Halloween-colored glaze make for an elegant and delicious dessert for your party as well.