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Cream Tarts: Simplicity at its Best

In recent years, the macaron has dominated the Instagram and Pinterest dessert scene, but there’s a newcomer on horizon: the cream tart.  This versatile yet simple dessert has been making the rounds on social media and blogs across the globe for its beautiful and rustic look.  Cream tarts are simply a tart crust cut into the desired shape (can be circles, squares, or the first letter in your name), layered and stacked with a sturdy cream filling and decorated on top with fresh fruit, edible flowers, French macarons and more. 

When you first see a cream tart in Lafayette, LA, it is easy to understand why this sweet concoction is taking the world by storm. Somewhere between a true tart and a cake (cream tarts are sometimes called cream cakes) it is sure to delight nearly everyone.  Cream tarts are perfect for any host wanting to add some rustic elegance to the party table.  Whether or not you’re hosting a bridal shower, wedding shower, or baby shower, cream tarts are elegant enough for any gathering. 

The cream tart is extremely versatile and can be flavored many ways.  You can layer with flavored creams and jams, or flavor the dough of the tart itself with chocolate or nuts.  There is no true wrong way to make and enjoy a cream tart.  The cream tarts at The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA are three layers of almond sweet dough, filled and topped with Bavarian cream, then decorated with fresh fruit, fresh flowers, and our delicious macarons.