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The Complexity of the French Macaron

Many pastry chefs consider a truly well-made French macaron in Lafayette, LA to be the sign of a great baker and a little luck.  These little bites of almond and meringue heaven are notoriously finicky and susceptible to changes in humidity.  Following a recipe perfectly is still not a guarantee that your macarons will be perfection.  Your delectable bite-sized plans could be in reality cracked, lumpy, or too tough. 

What a well-trained pastry chef can do that many others cannot is make minor changes to a recipe to account for humidity levels.  Recommendations abound about how to prevent too much moisture from affecting your perfect French macarons in Lafayette, LA. “Aging” egg whites (older egg whites lose moisture), using powdered food coloring instead of gel or liquid, and keeping on the air conditioner where humidity is constant year-round.Employing the proper method of folding in the meringue, knocking out just enough air but not too much, keeps your macarons tender inside with that hardened shell exterior we know and love. 

Many chefs say that the simpler a recipe, the more difficult it can be to master.  There isn’t much flair for terrible macarons to hide behind.They are what they are.  A simple recipe of almond meal, egg whites, and sugar, filled with delectable custards, buttercreams, or jams.  When you bite into a perfect French macaron in Lafayette, LA, what you’re enjoying is the chef’s expertise and care, and what can be better than that?