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The Shell of it All: The Perfect Vehicle for French Pastry Goodness

Pastry shells are one of the more basic aspects of pastries in Lafayette, LA. Pastry shells house a number of delicious confections from Bavarian cream with fresh berries and chopped fruits to creamy, flavorful mousses.  Recipes for pastry shells seem simple enough, but mastering that perfect pastry shell is the mark of an excellent baker or pastry chef.  The perfect pastry shell should not shrink in its pan during its blind bake (prebaking the pie shell), and it should be tender and crumbly yet strong enough to hold up to the fillings.  French pastry shells are often made from pâté sucrée dough, which bakes into a slightly sweet, crumbly pastry shell used to make classic French fruit tarts and more.  Pâté sucrée can be flavored with chocolate and other flavors if you are looking to change up that flavor of the pastry shell itself.  At The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA, the pastries are made with a sweet almond pastry dough that is sweet, crumbly, and oh so tender.