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Why Bite-Sized French Pastries are the Perfect Party Companion

The problem with full-sized cakes and pies is that no party guest wants to be the first one to take a slice.  It’s a nerve-wracking waiting game to see who will make the first cut and take the first piece.  Then there’s the mess of knives and forks, how big a slice is too big, imperfect cuts, etc.  That is why bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA make the perfect accompaniment to any party or event, whether it be a baby shower, an anniversary party, or school function.  With oodles of flavors and types of pastries available, there is sure to be something to suit every party goer’s tastes. 

In the south, dinner parties like you see in the movies are not typical.  Most parties and events are free-mingling affairs with finger foods that allow guests to converse and eat freely without the need for a large table and fine china.  Whether your event is casual or formal, bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA will please every guest.  Miniature fresh fruit tarts, coconut cream tarts, strawberry ganache tarts, tiramisu and caramel apple bites are just a few flavors you can order from The Rolling Pin in Lafayette, LA for your event.  There will be an abundance of bite-size French pastries for chocolate lovers, fruit lovers, nut lovers, and even for those select few who tend to not like sweets. 

Even if you are offering a more traditional dinner party for your guests, bite-sized French pastries in Lafayette, LA will still be a show-stopper to bring to the table after a delicious meal.  Bring out the coffee, the conversation, and the pastries, and your guests will remark at the memorable experience they had.